Drug Pipeline


Kinex has a strong product pipeline comprised of compounds at various stages of development for the cancer and immunology markets. Although the focus of the Company has been on anti-cancer and immunology therapeutics, the Company has the ability to discovery new products in new therapeutic areas utilizing its Mimetica™ and Opal™ platform technologies:

Mimetica™ is used for designing small molecule kinase inhibitors that bind in the substrate pocket. These molecules possess “drug-like” physical properties and provide scaffolds for the development of oral therapeutic agents. Mimetica™-generated compounds occupy an area of chemical space that is unique and patents on new chemical entities resulting from this technology have been granted.

Opal™(Optimized Photo- Affinity Labeling) is used to probe and identify intracellular targets that bind to small molecule drugs. This technology has been used to provide information on the mechanism of action of Kinex drug candidates and can also be used to probe an adverse event profile for any compound, thereby providing a platform to further improve drug candidates that have shown good activity but have failed in the clinic because of toxicity.